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Hi There!

Welcome to my little world!

Its mostly an Arashi world but how is that a bad thing? Come fangirl with me, I have very few rl fangirl people, the pains of being Australian... Yes! I'm Australian! G'day mate! Talk to me now?? Haha my sense of humour often makes me say stupid stuff, although sometimes its funny so it's not too bad :)

My ichiban is Sho and may stay like that for a while (there is always a conflict between who is niban)
OTP... love Sakuraiba and Ohmiya is cute in their way :p
Apart from obsessing over Arashi I spend my time eating chocolate, hanging with friends who are unfortunately not at the level of fangirl I am yet and occasionally studying to be a psychologist.

Come play, it doesn't matter how crazy (or uncrazy) you are about these 5 guys, anyone who knows of Arashi immediately gets cool points on my book. Send some Arashi lovin' every every every day!

And because this post isn't colourful enough yet...

ARASHI!!!! <3

You know you are in too deep when...

...when you first realise its Arashi's anniversary and hence realise it's your best friend's birthday. A person you have known for fifteen years. A year before Arashi was born! I do feel terrible but it does mean I remember her birthday now. Does that make up for it? Yes? No? OH MY GOD I MADE AN ARASHI REFERNCE WITHOUT MEANING TO!!!! ~(^.^)~ Sorry, me rambling now.

Happy 5x14 everyone!!!! Yes I'm late, I know. I plead... laziness, really XD And assignments! Always assignments *nods*
Getting all emotional at all the love and tributes people are posting, it is really amazing how much something can touch you. I know that I found Arashi at a time when I was struggling a bit and they kept me sane. So I know that I'm forever thankful for them.

Was going to put up a picture or gif or something to make this more interesting but I have none since I'm on a university computer.

Weakest ending to a post ever >.<

Bye~! xx

Not just another Japanese game show


I. can't. comprehend. *dies*

Ah, I swear the only thing funnier than our tennen pair is my parents' reactions to it. Firstly they mistook a comedian for one of the members (but then again, my mum has been calling them Ashari until I corrected her) and then got super confused about the comedian team (but who really gets Japanese comedy anyway?) >.< It was a win for the Arashi team which was a big tick in my book. Never let them lose, they win even when they lose.

They didn't have all the pop-up text and stuff but they did have the sound effects, which was weird. Try explaining that to people who have never seen the show :p

But overall was an exciting and awesome experience. It was the first time I was able to see them on a big screen rather than on my laptop ^.^

That is all!

No wait, not all. Went to a club the other week and they played that song from the Mannequin 5 specials. The "Body movin, body body movin" one. I laughed as images of bow ties and fluffy helmets came into my head. Try sexy dancing after THAT!


What? Another post? I really should be doing better things with my time :/

Anyway! Was proscrastinating on facebook and happened to see this in my newsfeed. I'm not sure if it's actually Sho saying this or not but I really hope it is.
 photo BURN_zps34183c8b.png
Here's what's making news today: Sakurai Sho bitch slaps all stupid people.
That is all.

4 days and already insane

For those interested (which I'm sure are numbered very few):

Our house is getting carpeted so after slugging it our for about three days moving furniture outside (including the mountains of useless crap in my room) I was faced with some unfortunate facts.
1. All my clothes (excepts for a select few) are packed away/buried under mountains of other stuff.
2. I packed up my uni books, forgetting that I had classes starting again
3. (and most importantly)... I packed up my hard drive *fails at life worse than Sho at... pretty much everything*

So I'm stuck with the tiny amounts on my laptop for the next few days until everything gets moved back. Meanwhile as a coping mechanism I'm playing Arashi music very loudly in my car with the windows down while the less savourly people of my town stare at me and scrolling feverishly through the Arashi page on fb which seems to know all the goss plus have lots and LOTS of awesome pics.

Speaking of, all the boys (and when I say all I mean Sho, Nino and Aiba) seem to be getting their own shows, whether permanent or not I don't know since I haven't been bothered to check. I am both happy and sad by this. Happy because they are doing lots of work and we get to see them but sad because they are doing so much more individual work when I find them best when they are together. Nino can't pick on Ohno by asking him a question when he knows he wasn't listening if OHNO ISN'T THERE! Sho can be all pro and knowledgeable on his own since no one will be there to stop him being all smart or just mention his sloping shoulders. People die from that.

And your reward for reading all of that, here is some pretty:
 photo aiba_zps705f5e66.jpg  photo sho_zpse2d1ac85.jpg  photo nino_zps51805b07.jpg  photo ohno_zpsca5dc3dd.jpg photo jun_zps00c53bd0.jpg
Ahh the pretty~ ^.^
Do not own, do not own, do not own. Most of these were from the Arashi fb page. Yoroshiku! ^.~
 photo happiness_zps6b555582.jpg

Emergency! We need therapy STAT!

This is slowly turning into stuff about my own life but every one knows all the Arashi news before I do anyway. At least this stuff is Arashi related?

Shall set the scene for you: Am chilling with one of my friends (she is a fan, hasn't reached fangirl level yet) and we are talking about various things, usually J-dramas we've seen or various celeb guys we find attractive. The conversation shifts to Arashi as it often does and I tell her about their new album, what they've been up to, etc.

And that's when it happens.

Out of nowhere she suddenly says...

"...I'm a bit over Arashi."


Nothing can be heard over the sounds of my brain dying, sirens wailing and alarms sounding. Panic sets in and I attempt to sort out my thoughts in the wake of this shocking news.

"What? H-how is this possible?"

And then it occurs to me that although we became acquainted with Arashi at the same time, she wasn't fortunate enough to meet super awesome people to help fuel the obsession. SHE DOESN'T KNOW THEM.

"H-have you seen their shows?" In a desperate attempt to save a dying potential-fangirl, I cling onto the hope that she has in fact seen them, despite me making no effort to help with this (yes, I am ashamed).


In one word I could see salvation and I swore to myself that I would fill her HD (which I borrowed from her) with EVERYTHING. I wasn't going to give her a bit at a time to slowly ease her into it, thus avoiding some of the more extreme things Arashi do that non-fangirls wouldn't understand. It was too late for that and more drastic measures were needed. In psychological terms this is known as flooding, although it's used as a way to combat phobias.

I know this is going to take a long time (the transferring of all the files alone will take hours) but I am sure it will be a worthy quest and I shall be brave, valiant and slightly crazy throughout. Will let you know how it pans out :p

Once I start talking I sometimes can't stop >.< Hope you aren't brain-dead after reading that! v(^.^)
After having to put up with only listening to CDs and the radio in my car, I FINALLY bought a device so I can play my ipod. Suffice to say it's been Arashi for about a week straight (and I love it). Love it so much that on the way home from work the other night I wound down all my windows and turned up the stereo as high as it could go and played Arashi songs whilst driving through a predominantly white town.

All the joggers I drove past did a double take and looked confused as hell as to why they couldn't understand the music some crazy girl was singing along to (very badly and with little regard for some of the lyrics) at the top of her lungs. The best part was the biker guy in front of me looking in his mirror to check what the hell was that noise behind him. Result: A.RA.SHI. slightly distorted at high volume played out of a car window with the driver bouncing along to it behind the wheel.

I laughed the whole way home.

32 is not a rude word

News for today:

After finally giving in to curiosity I have now read a book that a friend of mine had leant me: Fifty Shades of Grey. Perhaps you have heard of it? Anyway after finishing this book all I wanted to do was get this guy on a couch and psycho-analyse him to find out how he got so... ahem, well, the way he was. It actually was a relief to know that I have some interest in my course, maybe I will actually continue on to be a psychologist.

Ok, boring rl bit over with.

In other news, Ohmiya finally got a room.

Note: the two news items do not have anythign to do with each other. Although...

Hahaha Imagination runs wild when you have nothing to do but serve people food for six hours -.-

Happy birthday to our Nino's Oh-chan, never ever ever change :)

One down...

Exams are sent by the devil... just saying. Thankfully I have my Maou stone and the power of friendship cramming so I can at least make it to next year :p Although it is a nice feeling sitting here with the sunshine streaming through the window with Sunrise Nippon in my ear after an exam just chilling. What is not a nice feeling is knowing that you still need to finish that essay due today and study for tomorrow's exam. Not even Cool & Soul (in my ear now) can make that better :(

In happier news, will be getting back to Arashi catch-up soon, that's what keeps me going :D


Somehow they seem worried about this. Maybe it's because they know the level of flail that is sure to result


Could not help myself to put up pics sourced from yunoarashi [.livejournal.com] of the wonderfulness that is Matsumoto Jun :D

I hope you have recognised, otherwise you may have to leave the fandom

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