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4 days and already insane

For those interested (which I'm sure are numbered very few):

Our house is getting carpeted so after slugging it our for about three days moving furniture outside (including the mountains of useless crap in my room) I was faced with some unfortunate facts.
1. All my clothes (excepts for a select few) are packed away/buried under mountains of other stuff.
2. I packed up my uni books, forgetting that I had classes starting again
3. (and most importantly)... I packed up my hard drive *fails at life worse than Sho at... pretty much everything*

So I'm stuck with the tiny amounts on my laptop for the next few days until everything gets moved back. Meanwhile as a coping mechanism I'm playing Arashi music very loudly in my car with the windows down while the less savourly people of my town stare at me and scrolling feverishly through the Arashi page on fb which seems to know all the goss plus have lots and LOTS of awesome pics.

Speaking of, all the boys (and when I say all I mean Sho, Nino and Aiba) seem to be getting their own shows, whether permanent or not I don't know since I haven't been bothered to check. I am both happy and sad by this. Happy because they are doing lots of work and we get to see them but sad because they are doing so much more individual work when I find them best when they are together. Nino can't pick on Ohno by asking him a question when he knows he wasn't listening if OHNO ISN'T THERE! Sho can be all pro and knowledgeable on his own since no one will be there to stop him being all smart or just mention his sloping shoulders. People die from that.

And your reward for reading all of that, here is some pretty:
 photo aiba_zps705f5e66.jpg  photo sho_zpse2d1ac85.jpg  photo nino_zps51805b07.jpg  photo ohno_zpsca5dc3dd.jpg photo jun_zps00c53bd0.jpg
Ahh the pretty~ ^.^
Do not own, do not own, do not own. Most of these were from the Arashi fb page. Yoroshiku! ^.~
 photo happiness_zps6b555582.jpg


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