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Most major problem in my life at the present moment: Arashi withdrawal D:

After spending about two weeks procrastinating and three days of frantic researching and writing and youtube seraching (for related vids) and powerpoint constructing my presentation on racism and ethnocentrism in a globalising world (I just fell asleep writing that, have fun reading it) was finally finished and presented by the public-speaking-hating self. However this means I was missing them for about three full days! I have to be strict on myself otherwise if I say, "Ok, we've done some excellent work, now for a half-hour break," I then go watch a HnA ep which goes for 45mins usually and after that some other random stuff (whatever is there) and before I look at the clock again, three hours have passed, and have hence failed :p

Plan for tonight: Arashi-fest before tomorrow brings on another assignment that must be done before the due date. Party at mine, bring the Aiba-cha and the Weet-bix and I will supply the boys.

Bored... PICSPAM!!!! :D

Feeling like a random picspam because I can. Whilst this is pretty much old news for most people, I challenge anyone to deny they don't still love it

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Nino is how old?

Hey guys, what day is it today?



What, is it your birthday today Nino? *shock*

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One Year (seriously?)

This has been planned since last Tuesday (and I’m usually not the type of person who plans ahead) because this is a very prominent day in the history of the modern era. Whilst scientists are unable to precisely pinpoint the date when this event actually occurred, it has been decided that today is the day we celebrate it. This time one year ago, I made a major discovery which would forever alter the course of the future:

I discovered a new world.

And it was welcoming.


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This is a post in-between classes and as a means to kill time. Therefore it does not contain any pics since I'm not at my own computer, nor can I be bothered with photobucket. Sorry if this upsets you but then I realise that only one person really reads this (no pressure if you don't!!! ^.~ ) so I can pretty much do as a like. Excuse the bitch-at-the-wold attitude, no idea where it comes from :p

Whilst I am ashamed to admit it, I am a relatively new member of the Arashi fangirl scene; I have been aware of them since 2009 and a fan of some of the dramas (yeah it was hana yori dango that got me in), but its only been since last year that I got into their tv shows and the like. On a side note, my Arashi one year anniversary is coming up! Yes I picked a day as our anniersary. It's May 20. And yes it will be epic with more effort put into it than all the members' birthday celebrations (which was none *dodges angry fangirl attack*). 

Because of this lateness, I am watching all of their stuff all at the same time and get all the Arashi goodness condensed into months rather than years. And the other day, I was watching the Mago Mago Boat Club thing with all the angst and sad faces (so wanted to be there wearing a free hugs t-shirt) and actually learnt more about their personalities than all the other shows. It made me realise that I am still in the process of bcoming a proper fangirl, I laugh superiorly (shut up about the grammar) to myself a few months ago for my ignorance, but then again I have done that for most of my life, god damn the intellectual in me! XD

Don't worry world, and by world I mean the fandom, and by fandom its mainly aimed at Arashi, I will get there in the end. Have patience for this little fangirl, they still own my soul soul and are iitsumo sugo soba ni aru <3
Hello hello, a sad realisation that I hadn't updated this since Sho-chan's birthday (but then again ArashiCrackADay hasn't put up anything new since its Wild At Heart PV Preview and that was back in FEBRUARY! ⌐.⌐ )

To be fair (on me, not ACAD) uni started again (take two for first year) so there was many a thing to figure out and I am currently freaking out over the enormous scale of the assessments I have due. Am trying to work on one now buuuuuut as you can read see...

I'm sorry Arashi, I didn't mean it, I still love youuuuu! *throws flower flowers* D:

Anyways, trying to do something constructive whilst I kill time until I have to work (babysitter, living the dream) but I have a very limited drive to work :/ something tells me I don't think I will do very well in my professional career, may have to babysit full time...

In closing, here is something I found (can't remember where, credit on the gif) that I can't help watch over and over and over and over and over and over and... yeah ^.^


You're welcome! love!~~ <3

Sho Day Holiday

Ok so, I was planning on doing something epic today since it’s a Wednesday (and who doesn’t love Wednesdays, right?) oh and it’s some guy’s birthday today also but mostly it’s the Wednesday thing. HOWEVER, in true leyna_reina style I have not managed it and I’m sure there are many Wednesday fangirls and fanboys out there shaking their collective heads. I beg forgiveness. But also blames things other than herself.

In all seriousness though…


Many hugs and kisses to him (which he can come and collect any time he is free). As I was saying before, I was going to do a special post and use all the fancy things LJ has to offer but I’m in a hurry and slightly pissed off since my previous attempt at a post vanished >.<

So I will just present our Mr. Sakurai, chameleon that he is, in three pics, summing up his epicness.

All I can say is that I hope I get to be as sexy as he is when I turn 30 <3

Happy Birthday Sho! xoxox

Happy New Year!

I MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D *pops champagne* Whilst I was fairly confident I was going to make it anyway, I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life full of changes; new university, new employment status (hopefully!) and mostly, new experiences and memories.

Looking back on 2011 there are so many things that happened which I will remember forever. For instance, the country girl came to the big city in search of a qualification. Whilst she did not find that she instead found a new perspective of life and some fantabulous friends. And I am looking at you desk_lamp9/Cookie; apart from the fact you are my link to Arashi (for which I am eternally grateful for), you are such an awesome person and I am so glad we met. I still remember the day when we discovered that not only were we familiar with the super idols, we were also massive fans. Such a good day, such good flails ^.^

So, come at me 2012, I plan to kick some ass and have a wonderful time.
Keep the rainbows LJ!!! xox
(I do not own this)

Oh and P.S. I got a comment on TV!!!! SBS Pop Asia showed my fb request. Sadly, they didn't grant it :( Shall continue to spam their wall!

First of Five

This is a tentative beginning of a series of drawings I am putting up here. The only reason I feel comfortable doing this (because normally I am shy about sharing stuff life this since I have no confidence in my skill) is because I have one mutual friend (hi!!!! *waves frantically*) and I already promised to show her anyway.
I'ts called "Nino" (for very obvious reasons), and I only finished it about half an hour ago. I was quick to put it up in case I discover something I did wrong and try to fix it and end up ruining it. That's what I did to Aiba, but we will not speak of that again :p
All I know is that I am going to cry when I try to draw Jun because nothing I can do will ever capture that face (except maybe a Wii character, eh? ^.^)

Please be kind, I am just a really bored fangirl with too much time on her hands xx


Sometimes I wonder that its just all the fanfics I've read that's warping my mind and that Ohmiya couldn't possibly exist. But then I see stuff like this (and all the Youtube videos of their shennanigans) and I think, "Well maybe..."
They are adorably cute, you have to admit ^^