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leyna_reina's Journal

30 January
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why hello there! My name is Leyna, I live in Australia and have a slight addiction to anything Japanese. Especially ARASHI!!!! While I have only become a crazy-obsessed fangirl this year, I am still (as mentioned) crazy-obsessed with them. Friend me if you need more people with Arashi love in your life. I myself only know a handful of people in real life who have HEARD of them! Definitely in the wrong country (but dont get me wrong, Australia is a wonderful place, come visit any time). I love to laugh and hang out with my friends, especially when I need procratination. I have absolutely no idea where I am headed in life but for now I'm just going to have fun until I decide what to do.
I realise this is a very weak introduction but I really have no idea how to describe myself without giving away too much information in order for you to stalk me down :p I also don't take myself very seriously and I like to crack jokes (often very bad ones). Arashi & Pocky love! <3 ^.^